“Las Casas” the farm of your dreams

“Las Casas”, the farm of your dreams.

“Las Casas”, the farm of your dreams.

The Sierra of Grazalema

“Las Casas” is a livestock and crop farm completely located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and more precisely in the municipality of Zahara de la Sierra (Cádiz).

Road and air access

Access to the estate is made through a paved road CA-8102 which links Prado del Rey with Zahara de la Sierra (Cádiz) and at a distance of just 6,5 kilometres from Zahara de la Sierra.

28.25 km of fences

The estate has a clearly family nature where sustainability and the protection of the environment is the essence of its being, to reach this goal, countless improvements have been carried out and a farm in a closed loop system has been created.

The airstrip

There are 8 kilometres of passable roads or paths within the estate, as well as a little airstrip for the landing of small planes.

The farm of your dreams in The Land of Light : Zahara de la Sierra.


Buildings “Las Casas”

There are two homes within the estate, one of them covers 180 m2 , while the second one is about 80 m2. There are also three warehouses (220 m2 , 200 m2 , 110 m2 ), a milking parlor, 65m2 , a milk storing room, 37 m2 , as well as several sheds and sheepfolds which add up to 1,000 m2, a cutting room for wild cattle and a fuel tank room

There are also several corrals for the cattle and two cattle managing tubes as well as drinking troughs for the supply of necessities.

Water and electricity supply

There is an underground installation of electrical lines which gives supply to all the buildings within the estate, also several wells which supply fresh water as well as a water reservoir with capacity for 45,000 m2 and a regulating pool for irrigation supplied by a natural borehole well, holding up to 1,700 m3 . There is also an intake pipeline inlet from the mains supply of the municipality of Puerto Serrano and with regard to the water supply for the homes, these are fully equipped with ultraviolet water purifiers.


There are four tractors (two rubber tractors and two crawler tractors) fully equipped with agricultural tools and the necessary machinery to carry out the different farming works in the estate as well as the necessary horsepower to mange cattle.


Due to its exceptional location the estate is an ideal place for those engaged in hunting because the estate counts with a Technical Plan for large and small game hunting along with a Fire Control Plan and another for Labour Risk.


Agriculture and livestock


Agriculture The surface of arable land in “Las Casas” covers a total of 255.91 hectares of which 88.79 hectares include irrigation infrastructure. (cereals such as triticale, barley and rye, the beans and common vetch…).


>300 heads of bovine stock.

>40,000 kilograms of organic meat per year.

>500 heads of goat stock.

The estate and its crops have been certified as ecological

100% Ecological

Both the bovine stock as well as the total surface of the estate and its crops have been certified as ecological and meet all the standards of the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee (CAAE).

In the same way, the production and distribution of organic meat has been authorised and listed in the Andalusian General Sanitary Register of Food Products. The estate is on sale including all the Common Agricultural Policy rights as well as the agrienvironmental aids.

Customers have shown a full satisfaction with its products throughout the year.


Price of the farm

Due to the owner’s retirement, the farm “Las Casas” is on sale, entirely and in full production together with a high profitability as well as a high productive potential yet to be explored.

Sale proceeds of the property consist of the estate itself, the pertinent homes, the farm buildings, the facilities and the water supply system:

> Livestock species.

> Machinery.

> Payment of CAP support rights, direct payments of CAP both for livestock and farming and other extra rights associated with the production along with other different agrienvironmental aids.

The are also specific singularities to “Las Casas” which comprise the following:

> Road and air access.

> Excellent climate due to the lack of annual droughts.

> The complementary of production between livestock and farming with the closure of the production loop.

> The highest animal welfare official rating for both bovine and goat livestock.

> Minimum dependence on external supplies.

> Suitable farming area to minimize expenses.

> All the production meets the ecological regulations and the appropriate health certificate for bovine livestock.

> Located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and the prospects of hunting.

> Postcode (11688) designate to the municipality of Zahara de la Sierra.

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The estate counts with many of the ideal conditions for farming, such as unique weather and environmental conditions together with a high quality soil. Thanks to the many years of hard work, the land has proved to have had a long term sustainable profitability. The estate is an excellent place for entertainment as well as a great place to spend a season in a natural and privileged surrounding. Regarding the weather conditions, it should be pointed out the fact that according to the current owners, there have been no years of drought in the last 40 years , which is a clear guarantee in order to achieve an uninterrupted annual production.



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